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Diver Festival

Contemporary Dance in Tel Aviv ⏤ Jaffa

About Diver Festival

This year's edition of Diver Festival is online, and it's called Mythos of Company by hakahaLahakah.


We will present a collaborative project, an avant-garde gesture for our times: an online exhibition of 5 video-episodes of the mythos, each episode happening in a different MUSEum: Zoom, Greenhouse, Nature MUSEum, Art MUSEum, Eretz Israel MUSEum. 

Next to that, 5 consecutive zoom-nights of the performance "Family Event" by Michal Samama; Live-On-FB performative events with friends from the hakahaLahakah & party line Kok Schok.


This year Diver Festival will sell a password for all festival materials, with a starting price of 50 ILS, you can pay more if your pocket and heart may allow it. 

Diver Festival: Contemporary Dance in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is an annual international festival and a leading agent in the current ‘new wave’ of dance in Israel. It calls for post-disciplinary context, artistic courage, collaborative projects, and radical engagement in the field. The festival is known for its independence as it’s not exclusively officially associated with any major institution in the Israeli dance scene, but at the same time, it collaborates with most of them and with major visual art partners and prominent cultural venues.


Diver is taking place all over Tel Aviv-Jaffa in different venues, theaters, museums, and performance spaces. The content performed is introducing young and experienced leading choreographers and artists from Israel and abroad. Next to the shows, Diver wishes to develop an embodied discursive sphere that is conceptualizing the present, while investigating the past and performing a futuristic prophetic gesture. Thus, it invites and initiates diverse collaborations, formats, and platforms.