PARTY SCENE #2 - Diver Festival 24


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Performance by: Dor Frank and Noam Ben Israel, Or Ashkenazi, Gal Levinson, Roman Nefeli, DJ DEETROITTT & DJ DROOL

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Let’s meet midway, in a place between a club and a theater, between Suzanne Dellal and Florentine, on the tracks. It’ll be rave-like, we will drink alcohol, and let a solo exhibition emerge. Each solo (sometimes a duet that feels like a solo) will take on the difficult task of dealing with various paradoxes forged by the ideology of our culture. Sexuality, fulfillment, fertility, honesty, future – all concepts we experience through the mediation of their contradictory and conflictual manifestations in each of our lives. This is perhaps a theatrical farewell ceremony from the event of the club, and the great pleasure of being “alone together”. At the same time, it’s an attempt to express a communal wish towards an unfamiliar party scene for the individual and his company.

We recommend coming to the whole event. There will be a possibility to enter during the event (you might need to way a little)

Alex Drool who is DJ DROOL and Yiniv Sharon who is DJ DEETROITTT are DJs from the local music and art scene who play in different spaces – bars, clubs, and spaces of art and experimental music. At the Diver 2023 festival they will play a performative set at the Party scene events, and throughout the creative processes they accompanied the artists in musical editing.

This event includes a few works.

  • FRI 20.10

  • SAT 21.10


Community Center Shlush 19, Entrance from Hamsila Park
240 MIN

Concept and Score Ido Feder

A performative set by the DJs DJ DEETROITTT & DJ DROOL

Lighting design Oded Komemi

  • Dor Frank

Skin Duet

Dor Frank

A duet for a man and a woman clinging and hanging on each other, using different grips of the skin. The performers approach the research with bare skin, groping with their hands to the other body in search of a gripping point that will allow them to release their body weight. It is a physical and sisyphean practice, driven by a great desire for touch and friction. For some moments the perception of self expands and the boundaries between them dissolves.

Performed by Dor Frank & Noam Ben Israel

Dramaturgy Ari Teperberg, Tal Yahas

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  • Dan Ben Ari


Or Ashkenazi

The work was developed and supported by Yael- a house for independent dance creators in Jerusalem, as part of the artist residency program at Menashe Dance House under the auspices of M.A. Menashe and the Rotem Association with the support of H-pais Council for Culture and Art.

Moon is the fourth solo work in a series created by Or Ashkenazi where she continues the intimate dialogue between her body and nature while exploring the material and sculptural dimension of the body. For the first time this work is adapted and performed by another artist and serves as a ritual that passes among women - a portrait of a pregnant woman. The stone, created by the artist Moshe Roas for this piece, embodies the essence of pregnancy, capturing the shape and inner weight of the evolving body.

Stone maker Moshe Roas

Dramaturgical consultation Zuki Ringart

Artistic director Tal Yahas, Anat Cederbaum

Sound design Daniella Ljungsberg

Thanks to Alon Lev, Dr. Lee Segev, Meshi Olinki, Ido Feder, Sigal Dahan, Mendel Cultural Center, CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo.

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  • Bibiana Cabral
    Romina Gutierrez

Within Clothes

Gal Levinson

I send my head towards the opening of the shirt. The shirt squeezes the vertebrates in my neck, my head threatens the seams of the shirt to tear and the world stops.

Relationships between Body, clothes, and the gaze

The body and the clothes items meet on a regular basis and share mutual manipulations.
Each item has its own movement, its own shape when meeting a body and its own way of preserving the body even in its absence.
The body has a sequence of repetitive movements of dressing and undressing, which are familiar to us from private areas.
Using minimal and simple manipulations, the work seeks to learn more about the gaze.
Does it depend on sex, gender, age? Does being in the context of stage changes it? When does a certain movement or a certain body gain the title of intimate, erotic, sensual, provocative? When
does the image stop being culturally charged and appear in a different way?

Preformd by Gal Levinson

Artistic director Idit Herman

Dramaturgy Sharon Silver Merrett

Music Ziv Barashi, Sufa - Lehakat Heyl Hayam

Work for Kilpa Theater

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  • Kobi Swisa


Roman Nefeli

It is a collection of singular things, from which their uniqueness can be severed, and with the aid of various connections one may predict a fragment of detachment and survival. Inside the interior of the room one will ask a question about looking at the world, from within the world: will the "civilized essential" appear? That which is outside, everywhere, and expresses nihilism. A wine bar, a line on a broken phone screen, everything is cut and penetrated, an inaudible music of mercy. A touch of wings.

Performed by Roman Nefeli

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