Looking towards the horizon: a new ritual appears. Its practice is not yet clear to us, and it raises questions and anxiety. But we see a recruitment of artists to the fields of meaning and action that the art world can be for human beings.


LocaHoly Rhetoric – performance of discourse
Ido Feder & Ana Wild

  • premiere
  • Discussion
  • special event

  • SUN 10.7

90 min

Tights: Dance & Thought, began a decade ago as a subversive series of events in the Hanut 31 Gallery on Ha’Aliya Street in South Tel Aviv. There, the problematic concept of the “discursive event in the field of dance” came to life. Today, 10 years later, we meet for a new series in Ta Tarbut on Hamehoga Street in Tel Aviv, during which we will try to recontemplate the importance of committed discourse relating to the inquiry of concepts in the art field.] How can we speak without getting caught in the jaws of populist conversation? How can we engage in discourse as an artistic act, or at least, as a performative interaction between colleagues and friends?