Ana Wild’s Dune - Diver Festival 24

Ana Wild’s Dune

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Ana Wild

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  • Vittoria Soddu
  • SAT 21.10

  • SUN 22.10


Community Center Shlush 19, Entrance from 19 Aharon Shlush Alley
50 min

Dune is a classical sci-fi novel by American author Frank Herbert. Since it was published in 1965, many have attempted to adapt it for the screen, among them famous directors such as David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. The narrative of Dune takes place in a post-technological world, a futuristic universe in which technology is no longer performed by machines, but rather by humans. I attempted to practice such a human technology myself; a technology which at its core is saving knowledge, and transporting it to the future: memorization. Since I have been 32 years old, I am learning the book by heart, making a Dune of my own.

By Ana Wild

Piano Eden Cohen

Dramaturgy Nir Shauloff

supports Hazira and Diver Festival

The Book Dune by Frank Herbert, translated to Hebrew by Emanuel Lotem

Thanks Leah Stora, Ido Feder, Amit Drori, Marco Milevski Tomasin, Bastien Gachet

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