Looking towards the horizon: a new ritual appears. Its practice is not yet clear to us, and it raises questions and anxiety. But we see a recruitment of artists to the fields of meaning and action that the art world can be for human beings.


Be-Company Exhibition 1: pool-khan
Or Ashkenazi, Uri Duvdevani, Tamir Friedrich, Kerem Shemi, Ido Feder, Omri Rosen, Amit Tina, Tamar Even Chen

  • premiere
  • Dance & performance
  • Group show
  • includes walking
  • dress code for audience
  • bring headphones

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The audience should come dressed in white!
And with headphones!

This Be-Company Exhibition is based on works by various artists who courageously embarked on a six-month journey, drawing to a close on opening night, in which they set out to write a shared myth for the temple space of the Bat Yam Museum of Art. The museum, for the first time in Israel is wholly dedicated to presenting a dance and performance festival, and with the help of primary materials – a piano, a sword, a microphone, found-sound, a tree branch, an artwork – it’s turned into a space where one befriends death by operating in the space between the inanimate and the living. Utilising theatrical time, they envision the art world as a future site for ritual, which at the very least offers a new methodology that changes, even slightly, the experience of producing a festival.

The space holds a sculpture exhibition curated by Michal Helfman and Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, the full list of participating artists will be published close to the event.

This event includes a few works:

and so, I have a relationship with the sun
Cloud Time
The Apprentice

  • SAT 25.6
  • WED 29.6
  • THU 30.6
  • SAT 2.7
  • WED 6.7

MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam
150 min

  • By Or Ashkenazi, Uri Duvdevani, Tamir Friedrich, Kerem Shemi, Ido Feder
  • Natasha Shakhnes
  • Natasha Shakhnes
  • Natasha Shakhnes

and so, I have a relationship with the sun
Or Ashkenazi

Deals with a tangible and fantastical world made up of painstaking and ritualistic actions.
Felling and diving
Compounding a tree and disappearing into the forest.

As part of the “Ensemble exhibition: Pool Khan” I use the museum as a space where it is possible to work and not only present, thus blurring the lines between the practical and the artistic act.
The environment I craft is influenced by the work “and so, I have a relationship with the sun” (2021) – a plastic dance piece that I created, which is also being performed at this exhibition.
A solo or duet for body and branch was conceived out of a preoccupation with the material and sculptural dimension of the body, through time, presence and movement.
The piece was woven in a period of drawing nearer to nature.

  • Choreography & performance Or Ashkenazi
  • Artistic consultation Zuki Ringart
  • Music Zuki Ringart
  • Sculpture Moshe Roas

Or Ashkenazi Bio

Cloud Time
Uri Duvdevani

Piano, lamp, sofa, clock.
Four objects are manning a cloudy space, fixed in the empty fog, longing to dance.
Through verbal and physical expressions they relish in their being and mourn the uselessness of their still world.
In a dreamy-theatrical incident of awakening from their objectification, they word intelligent ideas about inner light, borrowed time and imperfection encapsulated in a non-matching pair of socks.
The dance of the objects questions the identity of the person in the act; where is he standing on the personification-objectification scale? What makes him different from the objects that surround him? Who's witnessing the existence of the other? Who's in control and who is being used?

The show uses signifiers of spiritual elevation, referring to iconic paintings and dance styles that signify joy or horror. These moments of elevation echo the ebb that follows them, the vivid dream highlights its break, celebration becomes terror and madness subsumes intelligence.
Reason sleeps and awakens alternately, producing desires and monsters.

  • By Uri Duvdevani
  • Performers Omri Rosen, Amit Tina, Tamar Even Chen, Uri Duvdevani
  • Art Shahar Kedem, Uri Duvdevani
  • Texts Omri Rosen, Amit Tina, Tamar Even Chen, Uri Duvdevani
  • Costume design Yarden Peikin
  • Music inspired by "piano man" by Billy Joel

Uri Duvdevani Bio

  • Tamir Friedrich
  • Tamir Friedrich

Kerem Shemi & Tamir Friedrich

The bodies are stubbornly laid in the world, embody relations in a passive consistency, just by their own being.
Simple actions illuminate the gaps between the things and enable to hear the spaces and sense their modulation.
The vibration is the echo of the action, it is the raw material setting things into motion.
The borders of the bodies are blurred, their functionalities liquefy and merge to the point of forming new ways of action

Kerem Shemi Bio

Tamir Friedrich Bio

  • Leo Liberman

The Apprentice
Ido Feder

In fact, it's all about the dancers.
It's their story, as they are the ultimate art object.
One that can be in company, enter and exit the museum.

  • Choreography Ido Feder
  • Dancers Tamar Even Chen, Amit Tina & Omri Rosen
  • Sound Tamir Friedrich

Ido Feder Bio