Looking towards the horizon: a new ritual appears. Its practice is not yet clear to us, and it raises questions and anxiety. But we see a recruitment of artists to the fields of meaning and action that the art world can be for human beings.


Gravity and Grace
Ana Wild and Johanna Markert

  • performance
  • not at the CCA
  • Manta Ray
  • Charles Clore Beach

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  • Ana Wild
  • SAT 9.7

Meeting point at Manta Ray, Charles Clore Beach
50 min

A play to be read outdoors.

May I disappear in order that those things that I see may become perfect in their beauty from the very fact that they are no longer things that I see. . .
To see a landscape as it is when I am not there. . .
When I am in any place, I disturb the silence of heaven and earth by my breathing and the beating of my heart.
(Simon Weil, Gravity and Grace)

  • By Ana Wild and Johanna Markert
  • Book design Dekel Bobrov
  • Performed by Amit Tine, Tamar Even-Chen and Itamar Banai
  • The book was published by Poraz at Navok publishers, January 2022

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