Musical Temple 4: Her Majesty's Ship - Diver Festival 22'

Looking towards the horizon: a new ritual appears. Its practice is not yet clear to us, and it raises questions and anxiety. But we see a recruitment of artists to the fields of meaning and action that the art world can be for human beings.


Musical Temple 4: Her Majesty’s Ship
Haim Vitali Cohen, Max Gertzen, Sharon Reuveni

  • premiere
  • music

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  • photo: Yael Dahan
  • WED 6.7

MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam
50 min

Her Majesty’s Ship started its journey at the beginning of a worldwide plague. In the home studio of the nightlife admiral Haim Vitali, when he’s bearing his electric guitar, various effects and a suitcase filled with pieces inspired by his classical-musical education. Since then, the soviet Capitan Max Gertzen and the pirate skipper Sharon Sometimes have joined the ship’s crew, and the voyage reaches many ports across the soundscape.
Influenced by soundtracks of westerns and sci-fi movies, classic guitar arrangements by composers like Bach and Francisco Tárrega, and contemporary influences of Ennio Morricone, Philip Glass and Michael Nyman – the group plays original instrumental music.
HMS is bringing an embracing gospel to our modern, rest-deprived world. Its goal is to invoke emotion with sweet melodies of guitar and string, romantic arpeggios, echos and feedback, which create the circumstances to sail deep in the sounds.

  • Creators and participators Haim Vitali Cohen, Max Gertzen, Sharon Reuveni

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