Nevela - Diver Festival 24


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Danny Neyman

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  • Danny Neyman
  • SUN 22.10

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CCA: Tel Aviv-Yafo, 2a Tsadok Hacohen St.
60 min

“…I told her I play the harp and she got excited and said the harp is made of wood right? I said yes. And she said there must have been many forests where they first started playing this instrument! And the strings, what are they made of, she asked. It depends on the harp, I said. On my harp they’re made of the intestines of animals. Wow!! She laughed. The intestines of animals? Really?? I never heard of anything like that. What kind of animal? I said sometimes horses, sometimes donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, pigs, it changes. Wow wow, she said, and laughed, it’s very strong. It’s the spirit of the animal that’s playing with you, and from its intestines…” 

“Nevela” is a musical concert of diary fragments for the harp, the tabla drums, a flute, an electric guitar, speech and singing voice. 

The piece deals with the writing and voicing of disoriented subjectivity in an age of end-of-the-world melancholia. Danny Neyman’s artistic research is anchored in an ongoing and daily practice of documentary non-fiction writing. His performances explore relations between the written word, the practice of writing, and the stage, creating different choreographies of language. In this piece Danny Neyman works for the first time in collaboration with other performers – Amos Korman plays tabla drums, Danny Neyman plays harp, and Hila Gluskinos plays the flute and the electric guitar. The piece examines the relation between the solitude and intimacy of the act of writing and the performativity and sociability of the “band” and the act of making music together.”Nevela” searches for minor lines of flight and moments of consolation, silliness, gentleness and beauty, amidst a reality of ugly feelings and existential dread.

Text and choreography Danny Neyman

Performance and music Danny Neyman, Amos Korman, Hila Gluskinos

Dramaturgy Maya Weinberg

Costumes and stage design Eran Shanny

Special thanks to Yael Neeman, Orna Kazin and Liat Ginzburg

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