PARTY SCENE #1 - Diver Festival 24


  • [Premiere]
  • [dance & performance]
  • [Nudity]
  • [Music]
  • [Rave]
  • [Party]
  • [Solo exhibition]

Performance by: Bosmat Nossan, Shani Arazy, Zuki RingArt, DJ DEETROITTT & DJ DROOL

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Let’s meet midway, in a place between a club and a theater, between Suzanne Dellal and Florentine, on the tracks. It’ll be rave-like, we will drink alcohol, and let a solo exhibition emerge. Each solo (sometimes a duet that feels like a solo) will take on the difficult task of dealing with various paradoxes forged by the ideology of our culture. Sexuality, fulfillment, fertility, honesty, future – all concepts we experience through the mediation of their contradictory and conflictual manifestations in each of our lives. This is perhaps a theatrical farewell ceremony from the event of the club, and the great pleasure of being “alone together”. At the same time, it’s an attempt to express a communal wish towards an unfamiliar party scene for the individual and his company.

We recommend coming to the whole event. There will be a possibility to enter during the event (you might need to way a little)

Alex Drool who is DJ DROOL and Yiniv Sharon who is DJ DEETROITTT are DJs from the local music and art scene who play in different spaces – bars, clubs, and spaces of art and experimental music.

At the Diver 2023 festival they will play a performative set at the Party scene events, and throughout the creative processes they accompanied the artists in musical editing.

This event includes a few works.

  • THU 19.10

  • SUN 22.10


Community Center Shlush 19, Entrance from Hamsila Park
240 MIN

Concept and Score Ido Feder

Performative set by the DJ DJ DEETROITTT & DJ DROOL

Lighting design Oded Komemi

  • Bosmat Nossan


Bosmat Nossan

The words are one layer but the meaning is in the body, in random, gesture, flow, exposure, density. It's a flurry of sincerity, a display of attention that distracts us from really listening. Duet, two solos, an unfortunate chat.

Dancers and co-creators Ben Green, Shay Kukoui and the dancers of "Ha-Maslool":
Ariel Cohen, Dandan Cohen, Zohar Meirouz, Lia Abarbanel, Nega Cohen, Sapir Sanveto, Adi Ben Asher, Romi Mikush, Shir Segev, Toem Swisa, Pluma Wells, Yevgeny Surmin

Soundtrack design Matan Daskal

Costume design Kobi Swisa

Production Tamir Rakushkin

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  • Filipe Serro

undefined aim

Zuki RingArt

I exist in a sexual space, which is the body that I am

inside the abundance of qualities, experiences, new possibilities, and old patterns,

I try to stay without knowing a thing.

as if to keep rediscovering
And yet
I do not have a wish to reach a definite understanding 

Just the desire to be, linger.
Let everything exists
till there is nothing to define. 

The work ‘undefined aim‘ brings to light the powers and physical motions that live in the sexual space, out of the perspective that captures the body as a thing that sex is its central essence. Softness, freedom, extroversion, hardness, satisfaction, stiffness, femininity, masculinity, confusion, pain, control, submission, desire, search, humor, playfulness, boredom… 

The piece asks to be with them all in parallel.
In spite of the incoherency, and maybe even for its sake.

performed by Zuki RingArt

Outside eye Uri Shafir

Dramaturgical consultant Nir Vidan

Artistic director Ido Feder

*The work was produced with the support of HZT Berlin and The Jezreel Valley Center for the Arts.

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  • Amit Man

Woman On The Verge Of Her Man's Breakdown

Shani Arazy

"Woman On The Verge Of Her Man's Breakdown" is a performance research which discovers the creation of a solo piece through working with multiple persons (dancers and non-dancers) on different body-specific choreographic styles inside the studio space and the dance making process. These collections of choreographic materials transform into one final piece of work exhibited by the body of the choreographer. Subject wise, the work addresses the complete beginning of a romantic relationship between woman and man, and exhibits all along the desire and never ending wish to become one being. The physical research and the theatrical gestures performed presents a mentally ill love letter for the mythical man. The work finishes when its circle of life clashes with reality. The beloved dead man holds no future, and for the first time, realized and desired for its physical being, that holds its potential for realization. The death of the mythical man, symbolizes the death of lack of function, and the ability to move onto reality as a physical adult.

Artist Shani Arazy

Musician Michael Edwards

Artistic assistant Ido Feder

Editing and rehearsal Director: Nitzan Shafran

Dancing partners Aviv Keshet, Bar Altaras, Gal Shoham, Sofia Gendelman, Mika Tzur, Nitzan Shafran, Ella Altaras, Kaia Vinci

Ready made music Cult- BFRND

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