Looking towards the horizon: a new ritual appears. Its practice is not yet clear to us, and it raises questions and anxiety. But we see a recruitment of artists to the fields of meaning and action that the art world can be for human beings.


Pzura: Reading Group
Li Lorian

  • premiere
  • performance

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  • SAT 9.7

CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo
90 min

Exile, the outside world.
Exile, the hidden world.
Who then are you between them?
[“Counterpoint”, Mahmoud Darwish / Translated by Julie Stoker]

Pzura wishes to embody non-hierarchical forms of organization and to experiment with the representation of a vulnerable, fluid, open, partial, contagious body.
The term Pzura (Diaspora) will serve as a key for choreographic and conceptual (political, theoretical, philosophical) research around the body and life situations – as related to territory, in a critique of the nation state, within notions of time and history, while dropping the beat, while holding on to each other.
In the reading event we will touch on three essays by Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin: “Exile within Sovereignty” (two parts) and “Who am I without Exile?”.
We invite the audience to join an encounter of reading, discussion, movement and shared thinking.

“Reading together makes us incomplete together, and partial towards each other, for each other” Tonika Sealy Thompson & Stefano Harney

The evening will include a conversation with Ella Elbaz-Nir.
With the kind support of Mifal Hapayis Arts and Culture Council.

  • Group members Mai Aylon, Michal Sapir, Li Lorian
  • Took part Adva Weinstein, Thalia Hoffman, Maayan Tsadka, Sharon Tal, Or Sinai
  • Texts by Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin

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